Free Ride To College

Norma Richards’ book, Free Ride to College: A Guide to Grooming Your Kids for Academic Scholarships outlines a simple plan to acquiring hundreds of
thousands of dollars! “There are millions of dollars in scholarship money out there.
he challenge is getting it. I’ve done the research. I’ve been through the time ­consuming trial and error- and after
three successful attempts- I’ve figured  out exactly how it’s done. Now I have a responsibility to help other parents and students do the same!” Norma shares.
More than just an easy step-by-step guide, Norma’s book -and her accompanying workshops- are inspirational, and help parents to realize that a free college education for their children is actually within reach.
“My kids weren’t even your “typical” students,” Norma states. “In fact, one was labeled as a candidate for special education, another labeled as having Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and the  youngest was almost legally blind. In spite of that, they each received full academic scholarships to college and matriculated in engineering,” Norma explains.
“Free Ride to College describes how, with the right approach and proven strategies, any parent and child can obtain scholarships they never dreamed possible. “It’s not the who, it’s the how.” Norma iterates. “Any student can do what’s required to acquire academic scholarships. My children have proven that,” Norma states.
If there’s a science to acquiring a full academic scholarship to college -three “free-riders” later-this former science teacher has proven it. Free Ride to College is a hypothesis that works!
Norma Richards’ indispensable book, Free Ride to College: A Guide to Grooming Your Kids for Academic Scholarships, is available in eBook or in print at retailers globally and at

Here's what people are saying about Free Ride to College:

"The book has given me HOPE that my children can graduate from college and begin their adult lives without the overwhelming repayment obligation of the full cost of a college education."
Marchelle E. Moore,
Columbus, Ohio
"What a wonderful resource! Free Ride to College was engaging and informative. I could not put it down!"
Valerie R
Columbus, Ohio
"Free Ride to College by Norma Richards should be read by every parent and student!"
Joan Robinson,
Columbus, Ohio