Free Ride To College

The Nation's #1 College Readiness and Scholarship Expert!

Norma Richards has emerged as The Nation’s #1 College Readiness and Scholarship Expert as a result of sending all three of her children to college on FULL academic scholarships. Norma saved her family close to a half million dollars in college expenses! And she’s written a book to help others do the same!
A microbiologist and science teacher by trade, Norma set out to prove her hypothesis that her three kids could be groomed to earn a full academic scholarship-in spite of the fact that one child was labeled as a candidate for special education, another labeled as having Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
(ADHD) and the youngest was almost legally blind.
Norma has discovered there really is a science to acquiring a full academic scholarship to college. Her three children have proven it-and now Norma is on a mission to help other parents do the same. Norma’s new book, “Free Ride to College: A Guide to Grooming Your Kids for Academic Scholarships,” shares with the world, a simple plan to acquiring hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarship money!
A native of Flint, Michigan, Norma is a certified science teacher in the state of Ohio. She earned a bachelor of science in Microbiology from Howard University in Washington D.C., and has called Columbus, Ohio home for over 30 years.
Today, Norma travels the country inspiring, motivating and teaching parents and students how they too can earn a “Free Ride to College.”

To bring Norma to your event as a speaker or workshop presenter, please email or call 614-256-3470.